Mobtown Meat Snacks

How do I create an account with Mobtown Meat Snacks?

Easy! Just buy something. After your first purchase, you'll have the option to create a password and set up an account (it'll look something like this). This will allow you to save your information for future orders. 

 Is your jerky safe?

But of course. All of our meat snacks are prepared with the USDA's guidelines for producing safe, healthy jerky.

 How come you can send this stuff through the mail? Isn't that like regulated and junk?

as eHow put it so succinctly:

Dried beef, such as beef jerky or beef slims, are considered safe to mail. The United States Department of Agriculture notes that bacteria can't grow in foods that are preserved by removing moisture. As long as manufacturers prepare the beef according to USDA regulations, you are free to send beef jerky through the mail.

Read more: USDA Regulations for Mail-Order Beef Jerky |

 How about that shelf life? 

All of our meat snacks are vacuum packaged with an oxygen scavenger which when unopened will last for up to a year in most cases. Once opened, we recommend refrigerating unfinished product or dumping it out onto a plate to increase air circulation. Mold likes moisture! Recommended consumption within 3-4 days. Our product is minimally processed and will grow mold eventually, it's real food!

 What are your shipping rates?

Shipping rates are metered by our store provider Shopify to give you options to expedited service and save on shipping in general! Not a penny more or less than you should be paying to ship our delightful meat treats.


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